Shorter Meta Descriptions Are Back

Shorter Meta Descriptions Are Back!

Yes, shorter Meta descriptions are back! In December 2017, Google increased the Meta description length to 300-320 characters. As marketers, we could only imagine what (if any) impact this change would have on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I wrote about the change in February 2018. Well, it was fun while Read more…

Does Blogging Help SEO

Does Blogging Help SEO?

Does Blogging Help SEO? That is the question. But often the answer to this question is that “I don’t have time to blog.” It’s human nature to spend our time only if we see value. Maybe you haven’t thought of how a blog could benefit your construction company. Hopefully after Read more…

How to set proper SEO expectations

How to Set Proper SEO Expectations

Wow! Where do I begin? It’s so important that the client and the SEO consultant are on the same page before any website optimization begins. Let’s start by defining SEO. SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” We all want to appear on the first page of Google when customers are Read more…


Click or Treat: The SEM Experience

It’s that time of year again when thousands of trick or treaters will hit the neighborhoods. Think back when you were excited to knock on the door (or ring the doorbell) anticipating what sweet, delicious, mouth-watering treat you were about to receive—and then—you were handed an apple. How disappointing. Are Read more…

flash hurts SEO

RIP Flash

Flash is dead. No not the superhero—Adobe Flash enabled websites. Unlike the super hero, Flash-based websites are slow. I am constantly searching construction trades, topics, articles online every day, and I am surprised how many companies still have websites that run on Flash. Yes, some Flash sites look great to Read more…


How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Good news travels fast. But in today’s world, bad news travels lightning fast. Let’s be honest. Whenever you read a negative review about your company, you take it personally. It’s ok. You should take it personally. Remember, you’re not going to please everyone. But don’t ever take your feelings online.

We will discuss the importance of online reviews and most importantly the best way to respond to negative reviews. First question: Do reviews impact my business?

Yes, here’s why reviews are important: (more…)


New Google Analytics Home Screen Analysis

A new Google Analytics home screen is now available. Well, according to Search Engine Journal only 50% of users have access. I’m fortunate to be one of those users, and I first noticed the updates this morning. From a quick glance, I am most pleased with these updates.

These new changes will provide clients instant access to data that they care about. On the home screen there are 5 sections that can be customized by date. So, here’s a brief overview: (more…)


How to Improve Your LOCAL Online Visibility

In real estate it’s all about location, location, location. The same applies with local online real estate—especially with Google. Last year, Google eliminated all paid ads on the right-hand side thus increasing the competition in paid search.

Everyone has always been jockeying for position on the organic section of the search engines as well. In the ever-changing world of search, marketers are always looking to improve their online visibility on the search engines. Let’s take a look at how to improve local online visibility: (more…)