Construction Optimize provides construction email marketing solutions and text marketing solutions for construction companies.

Email marketing helps businesses target and communicate with an engaged audience that has opted in to receiving promotions, announcements and other consumer relevant information. Email is one of the most cost-effective way of reminding your customer base of special offers and events. In fact, email brought in $40 for every dollar spent in 2011. Email is still top online activity, just ahead of search. Email offers marketers a highly engaging, customization, targeted medium to strengthen customer relationships, drive sales, and increase overall brand experience.

Construction Email Marketing Solutions

In fact, 75% of construction companies plan on increasing their Email Marketing.

Just like email marketing, text marketing is another cost-effective way of reminding your customers about your business. Text provides businesses with a unique keyword to display that consumers can text to subscribe to the businesses updates/offers. Nearly 80% of smartphone owners use text messaging. You can reach a larger audience with text marketing than with email.

So, are you reaching these customers? When was the last time you reminded your existing customer base that you were still there? Want more information on the power of email and text marketing? Then contact us now for more information.

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