Having a successful sales team can make all the difference. It is a dream to have a sales team that is passionate and performing at work. As sales leaders, we want to see initiative from our team members to accomplish goals with little guidance.

When goals and objectives are not being met, sales managers often resort to micromanagement. Unfortunately, most micromanagement tactics usually focus on the activity rather than the results. The answer is to coach and develop. With that said, can we really get that “dream team?” Yes!

Here are 3 ways on how to build a successful sales team:

How to Build a Successful Sales Team

1. Empowerment. Understanding and realizing that people are your most important asset is the foundation to empowerment. May sound common sense, but let’s face it, we all need to feel valuable. We need to know that our efforts are contributing toward that one common goal. Recognizing and saying a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Trust your team. If there is no trust, then the manager/rep relationship will never blossom. Make sure your team’s voice is heard during meetings and group decisions. Have open communication–up and down. Setting clear expectations with the proper tools and resources available is a powerful combination.

So, TRUST your people. Give them the TOOLS and RESOURCES necessary to become successful. Provide SUPPORT and always be open to try INNOVATIVE ideas and strategies to keep things NEW and EXCITING while selling.

2. Engagement. Sales management is great if you want compliance, but if you want engagement, self-direction is better. The company’s goals and vision become the team’s goals and vision. An engaged person works with passion and is connected with their company. Engagement encourages innovation. Having a team willing to try new ways of doing things keeps sales refreshing and exciting.

3. Enthusiasm. Once you have an engaged and empowered sales team, then enthusiasm follows. Having a happy team will yield several results: keep good performers on your team, increase energy and passion during sales calls, and clients will be treated well which improves client retention.

So in conclusion, if you empower and engage your team, you will have a happy sales team. Bottom line–a happy sales team is a more productive sales team.

Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn is known for entrepreneurial vision and translating vision into revenue generation and productivity, thriving in a diverse and fast-paced executive environment. Throughout his sales management career, he has led several sales teams toward positive growth. His most recent accomplishment was with The Blue Book Network. In just two years, he was able to reverse an under performing region to one of the top regions in the company in 2015. Greg specializes in online marketing including website consulting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.