How to Profit from the Sub Shortage: Get Your Word Out With a Better Message

how to profit from the sub shortageIt’s no secret. There’s a sub shortage facing the US construction industry. When talking with construction professionals, I often hear “I’m too busy” or “We can’t handle any more work right now” or “I’m cutting all advertising.” These are valid statements; however, don’t confuse marketing with advertising.

Marketing is your value proposition—advertising is just the vehicle that drives your marketing message. Here’s how to profit from the sub shortage. CHANGE your marketing message. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Profit from the Sub Shortage

For the last several years many contractors had the exact same message: “Hire me. I’m the CHEAPEST.”
Now, it’s time to change that message to “Why work with me?” Reevaluate what value your business brings to a GC and what separates you from the competition. And most importantly, how do you solve the GC’s problem? It’s time to get paid for what you are worth.

Don’t confuse advertising with marketing.

Here are three platforms to get your word out:

1. WEBSITE: Does your website answer the four major questions: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHY? It’s not good enough to have just a website. Your website needs to be responsive, fast and secure.
2. SEO: Is your website optimized for keywords on the search engines? When buyers are looking for your trade on the search engines, is your website visible? Focus on improving your local presence.
3. SOCIAL MEDIA: Are you leveraging social media to get your message and brand out? Three reasons why: Expand your network. Engage with the industry. Explain your work.

Make sure your brand and message is consistent across all platforms as well as any marketing materials (i.e. business cards, brochures, etc) that you produce.

Today is a great time to stand out from the competition and to profit from the sub shortage. To see the most in-demand trades, click here.

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