If people like you, they will listen to you. If people TRUST you, they will buy from you.

Con·struc·tion: the action of building something (new or existing).

Op·ti·mize: to make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource) and to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing.

Construction Optimize provides leadership management consulting services for small to medium size businesses. Our expertise focuses on Marketing, Sales, and Operations. It’s important that your sales force and marketing is aligned with your organization.

Our Team

Greg Hahn and Mat Forester have nearly 40 years of combined leadership and sales experience. They have a proven track record of improving sales processes, enhancing training curriculum, and providing hands-on training to sales professionals. Their extensive experience and approach has helped them develop a simple sales process: The TRUST PROCESSDownload Greg Hahn’s bio. Download Mat Forester’s bio.

What People Are Saying

Greg Hahn is a creative, fast-learning and results driven senior-level marketing and sales leader. He brings a track record for fast adoption of new selling environments, including the commercial construction industry, which many insiders will attest is uniquely challenging.”
– Coty  Fournier, Author/Keynote Speaker

Mat  Forester is a great sales leader. He works diligently to understand his people and is forward thinking about his organization’s needs. Above and beyond his leadership ability, Mat shines as someone you would go into battle with…when the going gets tough, he is at his best. – Jason Raguso, Analytics, Big Data

Construction Optimize help companies get back on track. Our process is simple. We analyze what is working. And then, provide feedback with suggested improvements. For example, we’ve reversed under performing regions into growth regions and we have simplified sales processes—improving the customer experience as well as the sales force.

Leadership Management Consulting Services

There is a dire need for the marketing and sales team to be properly aligned with the company—from pre-sale to post-sale. This is crucial for the overall customer experience. We specialize in Operations Marketing, and Sales Consulting. Below are some of the topics we cover:

Leadership is about making others BETTER as a result of your PRESENCE and making sure that impact lasts in your ABSENCE.

  • The New “ABC’s” of Selling
  • Sales is About People
  • Time Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Preparing for the Sales Call
  • Listening to Understand vs Respond
  • How to Close
  • When to Negotiate
  • Organization Alignment
  • Leadership Training
  • How to build an “A” Team
  • Coaching and Developing
  • Building Trust with Your Departments
  • Focus on QUALITY vs QUANTITY
  • The Dangers of Micromanagement
  • Be Willing to CHANGE


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