Google’s online real estate just got more competitive. Last week, numerous sources announced that Google will be removing ads on the right side of the desktop search results. The only exception will be Product Listing Ads (PLA’s). You may have also noticed another change: Four ads on top instead of three:

Google SERP

So what does that mean for marketers? SEO marketers probably aren’t too happy about this change since this pushes their listing even further down on the search results page. For Adwords marketing, it greatly increases visibility. Instead of having a maximum of 12 paid ads on Google, now there is a max of seven—four at the top and three at the bottom. So statistically, this should help improve click thru rates (CTR).

Should Marketers Still Focus on Google AdWords or Organic?

Tips for Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

• Don’t abandon SEM or PPC. Now more than ever companies need to have SEM in their marketing strategy due to the competitiveness in paid search.
• Cover 100% of your market. Although Google still has over 60% of the desktop searches, Bing and Yahoo have over 30% of the market according to comScore. Don’t ignore Bing & Yahoo just yet. Allocate search dollars to Yahoo and Bing.
• Stronger call to action in your ad. Tell the customer to do something.
• Do your research. Research keywords and competitiveness prior to marketing your company.
• Create a user-friendly conversion page. Implement an easy to navigate conversion page so the user doesn’t click the infamous “Back” button. Again, make it easy for them to communicate with you.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

• Engage with your customers with social media.
• Blog often. Write on topics related to your industry. Become a subject matter expert if you haven’t already. Search engines love news-worthy content.
• Implement a responsive website. A responsive website enhances SEO by driving all your visitors to one single site no matter what device they are using.
• Content Marketing. This is actually the foundation to all marketing. Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing this way: Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Again, this is a major change from Google, and it will make an impact in your online marketing. The companies that quickly adapt to these changes in their marketing strategy will be ahead of their competition.

Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn is known for entrepreneurial vision and translating vision into revenue generation and productivity, thriving in a diverse and fast-paced executive environment. Throughout his sales management career, he has led several sales teams toward positive growth. His most recent accomplishment was with The Blue Book Network. In just two years, he was able to reverse an under performing region to one of the top regions in the company in 2015. Greg specializes in online marketing including website consulting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

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