How to Handle I’m Too Busy

First of all, “I’m too busy” is not an objection. When a prospect/customer says “They’re too busy” they simply mean that you are not a priority. And you know what? They probably are busy—especially the construction industry.

Summer is here, and if you call on construction companies, you are now heading into their busiest season. So, how do you handle “I’m too busy?”

Here are some suggestions:

Construction Marketing Association 2017 Survey Results

Construction Marketing Association conducted a survey to better understand the marketing plans and priorities of the construction industry. Surprisingly, over 96% of companies plan on increasing their marketing efforts. They realize the importance of their brand, relationships with local companies, and more engagement through the social media platforms. The national survey consisted of 7 questions that were asked.

We’d like to focus on the first four questions and the results: (more…)

How to Profit from the Sub Shortage: Get Your Word Out With a Better Message

It’s no secret. There’s a sub shortage facing the US construction industry. When talking with construction professionals, I often hear “I’m too busy” or “We can’t handle any more work right now” or “I’m cutting all advertising.” These are valid statements; however, don’t confuse marketing with advertising.

Marketing is your value proposition—advertising is just the vehicle that drives your marketing message. Here’s how to profit from the sub shortage. CHANGE your marketing message. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

Do Construction Companies Need Social Media?

You’re probably saying to yourself that you’re too busy. You don’t have time to be on Facebook or Twitter. Why should you even bother with social media? How can social media help my construction company? You no longer have a choice whether or not to do social media. The question now is how well will you do it?

In fact, according to a most recent survey by the Construction Marketing Association, no construction company plans on reducing their marketing budget for social media.

Here are three reasons why your company needs to have a presence on social media:


3 Reasons Why You Need Video Surveillance at Your Construction Site

Most construction companies have some type of camera on site. Unfortunately, most cameras jut record but do not monitor the activities. Some construction companies even have “scare crow” cameras—a cross your finger I hope nothing happens strategy.

Besides the obvious of theft and vandalism, what are some additional reasons for providing video surveillance at your construction site?

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why construction companies need video surveillance: (more…)

Does Your Construction Website Answer THE Important Questions?

Does your construction website answer the important questions? This is probably a question that you haven’t asked yourself.

The construction industry has rebounded and some trades are in higher demand than others. To limit costs, hiring companies and home owners are still searching for LOCAL companies to work with.

So, let’s take a look at the four most important questions and implement answers on your construction website: