how to detect seo spam emails

How to Detect an SEO Spam Email

We’ve all received unsolicited emails. One of my clients received an SEO spam email addressing “SEO” issues and what needed to be “fixed.” What’s funny is that this same exact email has been circulating around since 2009. This article will help you identify the four flags to SEO Spam emails. Read more…

avoid keyword stuffing

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You may have heard that there is a formula for the number of times a keyword appears on a page or blog—this is commonly known as keyword density. But is there a keyword density formula? First of all, what exactly is keyword density? Keyword density is the percentage of times Read more…

flash hurts SEO

RIP Flash

Flash is dead. No not the superhero—Adobe Flash enabled websites. Unlike the super hero, Flash-based websites are slow. I am constantly searching construction trades, topics, articles online every day, and I am surprised how many companies still have websites that run on Flash. Yes, some Flash sites look great to Read more…

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Good news travels fast. But in today’s world, bad news travels lightning fast. Let’s be honest. Whenever you read a negative review about your company, you take it personally. It’s ok. You should take it personally. Remember, you’re not going to please everyone. But don’t ever take your feelings online.

We will discuss the importance of online reviews and most importantly the best way to respond to negative reviews. First question: Do reviews impact my business?

Yes, here’s why reviews are important: (more…)